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What is a K-9 Unit? October 02 2014, 0 Comments

K-9 Units are more than just cute companions. Dogs not only assist their human officer handlers, but they often perform functions that people can not. The law enforcement K-9 unit is used by law enforcement in a variety of important ways. K-9’s can accompany officers on patrol and they can be used in specialized narcotics and bomb units to sniff out drugs and locate explosives. Because of their highly developed sense of smell, a dog can search and area much faster and more completely than their human counterparts. This saves manpower and gets the job done more safely. K-9’s can also be used in SWAT units.

K-9 units include a dog and a law enforcement handler.  German Shepherds are the most common breed of dog used in the law enforcement K-9 units.  They’re valued for their intelligence, strength, loyalty and keen sense of hearing and smell.  The Belgian Malinois, which looks similar to the German Shepherd is also popular with law enforcement. Many dogs on K-9 patrol wear bulletproof vests and in some jurisdictions, there are enhanced penalties for harming a canine member of a K-9 law enforcement unit.

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