What is CharityMagnets?
CharityMagnets was created to help support worthwhile causes related to law enforcement.

Do I have to be in Law Enforcement to buy products from CharityMagnets?
Not at all. Everyone can buy our products. In addition to the general public, our community consists of law enforcement professionals, first responders, corrections officers, members of the military and private citizens dedicated to honor, integrity and helping others in times of need.

Is CharityMagnets a not-for-profit organization?
CharityMagnets is not a charity but rather a for-profit organization that helps high-value charities and non-profit organizations raise money for law-enforcement-related causes.

How much from each sale goes to charity?
We donate a portion of every sale to charity but the amount varies based on the product and operating costs. Like every business, we also have to pay our bills but as we grow and reduce our product costs, we will donate even more. We benefit the charities with whom we partner because we are an additional source of revenue for them and we help bring them recognition by new supporters.

Why do charities need CharityMagnets?
Charities are in the full time business of fundraising. It’s a difficult and competitive business. They are competing against many other charities and they are competing for people’s hard-earned money. Studies have shown that people are more likely to contribute to a charity they like when they receive something of value in return for their donation. That’s where CharityMagnets comes in. We design beautiful, exclusive, high-quality products that charities would not otherwise be able to offer – at no cost to the charity! The net result? People are happy and the charities raise more money to help their cause.

Why wouldn’t I just donate directly to the charity?
You can and we encourage you to do so, if you believe in the cause. You can buy products from CharityMagnets plus you can donate directly to the cause if you like. Since CharityMagnets vets charities before we work with them, you know your money is always going to a good cause. While it’s unfortunate, some “charities” raise money but never donate much to the actual cause. We do not work with those charities. When you buy from CharityMagnets, you get great products and you can feel good knowing that your money is helping a good cause.

Are purchases from CharityMagnets tax-deductible?
You’ll have to check with your accountant or tax professional, but in general, only products purchased for legitimate business purposes may be considered as deductible.

Which charities benefit form CharityMagnets?
We work with charities like Cops for Kids with Cancer, a federally recognized 501C3 not-for-profit organization. While CFKWC is a well-known charity, we are also working with other great causes like the families of fallen officers and K-9 units to help them raise money and bring recognition to their cause.